Susan has a rare insight into what makes people tick. Her boundless energy, optimism, and empathy really made working with her a pleasure. Susan coached me on things that 10 previous years of therapy hadn't addressed! I highly recommend her service to anyone that feels stuck or lost in their lives. Thank you Susan!!!

~John P.

Working with Sue was unlike any other diet or experience I have tried.  Sue not only helped me understand how and why different foods affect my energy; she helped me understand common triggers for eating poorly and gave me practical strategies to deal with difficult situations.  These skills have redefined my relationship with food and made me a healthier person.  Plus, she has a terrific energy and is fun to work with!

~ Pilar M.

I just finished Empower Health Coaching of Maryland’s Fresh-Start: 14-Day Reset Cleanse and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.  My clothes are fitting better, my stomach is flat (bye-bye bloat), and my attitude about my overall health is kicked into high gear.  I absolutely loved the support I received through the Facebook group and the on-line meetings that kept me on target and motivated as well as allowed me to ask questions and see how everyone else was doing.  If you are having any trouble getting motivated to get healthy and/or loose those extra pounds then this program will be your new best friend.

~ Kate M.

I made a decision to work with Sue at Empower Health Coaching of Maryland  because of my fibromyalgia. I had heard that eating healthy could benefit my condition. I am so glad I did! Sue taught me not just about diet, but that the toxins I was putting in my body through processed foods, sugars, and pesticides used on many fruits and vegetables were actually making me feel bad.

After years of trying different medications with no results, in just 2 weeks on the program at Empower Health Coaching of Maryland I found results. I have never felt so good. Loads of energy, no brain fog, little to no pain, and I'm sleeping so much better.

Thanks Sue for introducing me to this program. You were such a joy to work with. So glad to be no longer living in constant pain.

~ Sharon K.

I did it! I am so proud of myself! But I could not have done it without Susan's great coaching.  She believed in me and gave me the strength to believe in myself.  Sue was always there to answer questions and she gave our group great recipes to help us along.  

Our group sessions were important to me ... knowing I was not alone was very helpful.  I can't believe I gave up coffee and my nightly drink.  Even though the cleanse is over, I will continue to avoid these personal negative habits.  I am in awe of myself!!

~ Gerri K.

I consider myself a fairly healthy person.  At least I try to be. I try to eat right and exercise daily. I’ve used the internet to put what I thought was a good diet plan together, choosing foods with the best nutritional value. But after a while I noticed how conflicting the information online was, with one article stating that this food was good for you while others were saying it was bad. It began to get very confusing and I started to question whether the plan I had myself on was truly the healthiest plan for me. With the extensive knowledge that Susan has in this area, she made me aware of what red flags to look out for when reading the nutritional facts on food labels and found that some of the foods I was eating were not good for me at all. So I signed up for the Fresh-Start: 14-Day Reset Cleanse which allowed me to get exactly that, a fresh start. After the program, I modified my diet with what I had learned, and along with Sue’s expert coaching and the support from the group, found myself feeling better than I had ever felt before. Five stars for Susan and Empower Health Coaching of Maryland!

~ Joe B.

I could not be more happy with my experience during the 14-day cleanse that I did through the Empower Health Coaching cleanse program. I felt comfortable and confident in each coming step because Sue made sure to answer any and all my questions at any time. Sue is always impeccably organized, and always sends many thorough reminders. Through the cleanse, I found out my intolerance to dairy. I highly recommend this program to anyone. It is very well put together!

~Maddie C.

I’ve never been the type to have a regular routine of working out or eating well. When I had back surgery last year, it really limited me to what types of exercises I could do. With the several resources that my coach, Susan, gave me I was given a new perspective of how to live a healthier lifestyle and it wasn't just about exercising.  It was techniques to help with stress and to be more motivated. I’m very happy that I took this journey with her and have learned to love myself for who I am. Thank you so much!

~ Jean D.

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