When I was a kid I really wasn’t too concerned about what I was eating. I was lucky that my mom served a home-cooked meal every night, and that processed food (devoid of any nutrition what-so-ever) wasn’t as pervasive as it is now. Well . . .

Fast forward a few decades and you’ll see me lying on the couch with a cookie in one hand and a Starbuck’s Frappa-something-or-other in my other hand, feeling miserable because I was gaining weight and had no clue what to do about it. Now bring on the no-fat diet, the low-carb diet, the liquids-only cleanse, the food measuring, and the never-ending calorie counting. You name the “diet” and I probably tried it at one time or another. And guess what? They all worked to some degree (if I could stick with them longer than the honeymoon phase) . . . until I got sick of the restrictions and gained it all back . . . and then some.

Fast forward to my mid forties. I had quit my job as a graphic designer to be a stay-at-home-mom; I spent most of my time taking care of my home and my family, and I had also moved across the country and was far away from friends and extended family. I was lonely. I was depressed. And I was at least 50 lbs. overweight. I was also pre-diabetic and my cholesterol was through the roof. I was too embarrassed to be seen in public, and me and my elastic-waist pants would hide in the car at my son’s elementary school because I was too embarrassed to be seen with the other parents waiting outside to pick up our kids. I felt like I was shriveling up inside. I hated myself and I didn’t even know who I was any more.

One day I had had enough! I’m not sure what lit the spark. Maybe it was my looming  50’s, or not wanting to end up like the frail people at my mother’s new retirement community, or maybe the fear of attending my 30th high school reunion where I once was a social butterfly. But I knew that if I kept going the way I was, things were only going to get worse. Much worse. I knew I needed help.

I began by researching healthy foods, habits, and exercise. When I needed more guidance I sought out a personal trainer (I hadn’t heard of health coaching at the time). Little did I know, she would change my life in a huge way. Not only because she was helping me with exercise (that was just a tiny part of it) but more importantly because she was coaching me on my health choices. She taught me about optimum health, she supported me emotionally and physically, and she kept me accountable. She was my HEALTH COACH.

Before I knew it I had lost 50 lbs. I was walking up to 8 miles a day. I was wearing hot looking “skinny” clothes, and I couldn’t wait to be seen in public. I felt like a million bucks and I was unstoppable!!!!

I was so inspired by what my Health Coach did for me that I knew I wanted to do the same for other women who were just like me. I jumped head first into classes with The Health Coach Institute and earned my Health Coaching certification. I learned so many things about living a healthy lifestyle, and more importantly, loving myself. It goes WAY beyond any diet or exercise program out there. It’s a new lifestyle. It’s a total body transformation!

It’s been several years since my “rock bottom”. I am in my 50’s! I feel amazing and I’m so proud of my accomplishments. I’ve kept the weight off, I’m much healthier, and I’m no longer on the path to inevitable decline. I’m even singing lead in a classic rock band, one of my passions since I was a little girl.


Who would’ve thought some “old lady” like me would be out performing every weekend? Now I’m wearing cool funky clothes, I’m able to enjoy time with friends and family, I get to meet new people all the time, I’ve started a whole new career that I love, I’m having fun building a business, and I’m feeling fulfilled by helping others find their passion. I want to do the same for you. I want to let other people know that they can reinvent themselves at any time.


In the beginning I never thought I would have the courage to transform my life, but I am so empowered by my own weight loss, elevated energy, and renewed passion that I realize: if I can do it, anyone can do it. It’s not rocket science it just takes the help of someone to guide you through it. I never could have done this on my own and now that I’m on the other side of my transformation I realize how glad I am that I made the decision to hire my coach to help me.


I really hope my story inspires you. I’d love to talk to you about your dreams and desires and how I may be able to help you on your way to your TOTAL BODY TRANSFORMATION!

Isn't it time for you to ROCK YOUR BODY?!!!!!!

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